Tuesday, March 19, 2013

EMC VNX LUN Migrations for Block Storage

LUN migrations are fairly useful and easy to do. If a specific LUN is suffering from performance from a heavily utilized pool, a LUN migration to a dedicated RAID group can resolve that issue. The LUN migration does not require the source LUN to be offline and can be canceled at any time (it is a copy and write delta process).

First off, when doing a LUN migration, the destination LUN has to be equal to in size and not attached to any host already. Apart from that, there appears to be no other prerequisites. This implies that you can migrate a LUN to a different drive type (ie: SAS to NLSAS), a different RAID type, or even from a thick to a thin LUN.

To do a LUN migration for block storage, first log in to Unisphere and then go to Storage -> LUNs. Create a new LUN that is equal or larger in size than the source LUN.

Next, right click the source LUN and select Migrate.

Select the destination LUN and the migration rate.

The LUN migration should now be started. You can monitor the status by selecting "LUN Migration Summary" on the right hand side.

To change the migration rate, go to the Migration tab under the LUN properties. This tab will only be visible when there's a LUN migration currently running.

Once the LUN migration is complete, the source LUN is deleted and the new destination LUN will be exactly the same as the previous source. This means that the LUN ID, SP ownership, host connectivity, and naa.id are all migrated over as well.

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